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Go gently Into the Night

Everyone thinks “It won’t happen to me”. And this attitude costs them dearly

Musings of a Wandering Dryad

I lost someone to SARS CoV-2 virus today. Someone, whom I knew as an energetic young man, doting father of two lovely girls, and above all a much-loved Football Coach around downtown Mumbai.

The 80000+ death toll count in India caused by the virus was mere statistics to me, something that you watch happening on a TV screen in front of you. You are just a silent observer, not having felt how real all those deaths can be.

Then you lose someone close to you and in a heartbeat, you are forced to take possession of that loss as it becomes your reality. Memoirs of such incidents may have just flashed your mind too, we all are in the same boat comprehending the loss. My friend’s family is struggling to come to terms with the loss of a person who was so alive and whose birthday they celebrated a…

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Former journalism student at London College of Communication, Former Child.

I am a journalist who’s passionate about climate change and climate justice. For me that’s the most important story I can write about and contribute to fixing. As a journalist, my way of going about it is to educate people about this existential threat that’s bogged down by skepticism, denialism, lack of comprehension of scope, and general apathy.

I also write about a lot of other things, like social justice, protests, pop culture, lifestyle, and esports. Albeit these stories won’t be as frequent as they depend on what I find fascinating and meaningful to write about at the moment.

This website is both my portfolio and my space to share interesting information- about myself or climate change. Any time I’m commission by a publication (fingers crossed) I’ll crosspost it here for all my audience to see.

This site may even turn into an actual blog from time to time. If I have any personal revelations that my audience can learn from, I may share it here

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