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Drinks that give you the worst hangovers – and those that will leave you headache-free

Finally, the last post from Daily Mirror and Daily Star, for now.

As January ends, millions of Britons who participated in “Dry January” will be looking to celebrate in pubs across the country.

As payday coincides on the same day for most people, this will be a cause of celebration with your friends.

Most likely, this will lead to many people getting extremely intoxicated and painfully hungover the next day.

Fortunately for everyone, Dr. Simran Deo from the UK-based online doctor Zava has revealed which drinks will give you the worst hangover, and which drinks are likely to leave you headache-free.

Unfortunately for fans of a Dark and Stormy, Dr Deo recommends avoiding dark spirits, including rum.

She explained: “Choose clear spirits (e.g vodka or gin) over dark spirits (e.g rum) and red wine.”

To read more about How to cure hangovers, click here.

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