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Key Matchups to Look for this Weekend

Here’s an article I wrote for Draftbuff last month. The matchups are not relevant anymore but it’s cool to look back on the last event. With CDL London upon us I thought it’s a perfect opportunity to share.

Here’s the preview:

In what has been the longest offseason in history, the call of duty league finally kicked off last night in Minnesota. We have already seen some shocking upsets and some matches that have gone down to the wire. At this point, you have either been grinding through scrims trying to make a pro or amateur team, or you’ve been studying them to find out who’s the best pick for your fantasy draft. We’re not going to tell you who your first pick should be. Now is the time to talk about matchups this week that could prove to be entertaining and insightful for all fantasy managers. Whether they are two players who play similar roles and have similar skill levels, or two players with intense rivalry leading up to their match. Here are five key head-to-head battles you don’t want to miss.


The two most dominant teams right now are Dallas Empire and Atlanta Faze. One of the most important reasons for these teams’ unbelievable performance is the abundance of young talent on both teams. We’re excited about this matchup is because it sets up 2019’s rookie of the year, Simp, against a contender for 2020’s rookie of the year, Illey. Chris Lehr and Indervir Dhaliwal used to be teammates on eUnited’s cadet squad. The two, alongside Faze’s Cellium and Turnup2ez, were a team in eUnited’s cadet squad. Both players are known for their incredible Search & Destroy expertise. The result of the match may rest on which SnD star proves to be more dominant.

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