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Draftbuff: The Best Sleeper Picks for Your Fantasy COD Draft

Another piece for Draftbuff:

The Black Ops 4 season was the most competitive year for Call of Duty esports so far. With 4-5 top contender teams at each event, it was tough to pick a clear favourite. The growth of esports means that more top tier talents spring up every year. Simp, Cellium, and Envoy had their breakout year in Black Ops 4, and more players are expected to shine through this year. With a pool this vast, an average user might focus on the consistent heavy hitters, the top talents, the obvious first picks for a draft. 

The ultimate fantasy players shouldn’t just focus on these picks for their draft. There aren’t enough of such picks to fill every roster. A real winning draft will have a combination of heavy hitters as well as some underrated players that could easily shred the competition. That being said, here are a few players we think have the potential to have championship levels of performance on a given day. 

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