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Britain’s most popular takeaway unveiled as we spend £451 a year on them

Another piece for the Daily Star Online. Enjoyed this one.


“The average Brit spends of £451 a year on takeaway meals – and enjoys an average of 34 take-out meals a year.

People tend to feel “lazy” and order food about three to four times a month

This means that on average, Brits spend a little over £13 on one meal.

This shows that “takeaway” is no longer a dirty word and more and more Brits are swerving spending time in the kitchen.”

Full piece here:

Ashkenaz View All

Former journalism student at London College of Communication, Former Child.

I am a journalist who’s passionate about climate change and climate justice. For me that’s the most important story I can write about and contribute to fixing. As a journalist, my way of going about it is to educate people about this existential threat that’s bogged down by skepticism, denialism, lack of comprehension of scope, and general apathy.

I also write about a lot of other things, like social justice, protests, pop culture, lifestyle, and esports. Albeit these stories won’t be as frequent as they depend on what I find fascinating and meaningful to write about at the moment.

This website is both my portfolio and my space to share interesting information- about myself or climate change. Any time I’m commission by a publication (fingers crossed) I’ll crosspost it here for all my audience to see.

This site may even turn into an actual blog from time to time. If I have any personal revelations that my audience can learn from, I may share it here

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