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Simp wins SMG and Rookie of the Year by Draftbuff

Pic source: Astro Gaming

Here is an article I wrote for Draftbuff on Chris “Simp” Lehr, an up and coming Call of Duty professional. He only recently became and pro, and since then he has been one of the best players in the scene.

Here’s an extract if you’re interested:

When it came down to selecting the most impactful player in their very first year of professional gaming, there was no challenge. Despite being 5’3’’, Chris ‘Simp’ Lehr’s performance stood head and shoulders above the rest.

Even though he has been an online superstar and SND specialist since BlackOps 3, Simp couldn’t join a team for the start of the CWL season due to his age. When he finally did turn 18 in February, he couldn’t join a pro team due to roster restrictions in place. Instead, he joined Faze Clan Black, an amateur team to play in the CWL Fort Worth Open tournament. He, along with fellow SND star Cellium won the Amateur tournament, giving Simp his first taste of glory.

If you’re interested in Competitive Call of Duty, Overwatch or esports in general, check out Draftbuff.

I’ll post the link below:

Simp wins 2019 Rookie of the Year and SMG of the Year presented by DraftBuff, EasyMac, vLionMan

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