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Eleanor West: Photography, Leadership, Networking in University and more

Eleanor West is a final year student in BA Photography at Camberwell College of Arts in London. More recently, she was elected as the Activites Officer at the Student Union in the University of Arts London. Last week I sat down with her to pick her brain on a variety of topics including leadership, accessibility, and the importance of establishing contacts in universities.
As both a leader and member in numerous societies, Eleanor has understood the importance of increasing accessibility. This is especially important considering that nearly a quarter of students at UAL are in contact with disability services. Here she talks about how easy it is to make events accessible.

Eleanor is a committee member of the LGBT+ society at UAL, where she has organised many “clothes swaps” especially for trans and non-gender conforming students. Here she explains what clothes swaps are.

Eleanor is also the Treasurer at ArtsFems society at UAL, she has the first-hand experience on the struggle to get funding for societies. Here she talks about what most members don’t understand about societies.

Here she talks about her experience as a Leader in societies and how she brings people together.

When asked about her main focus as Activities Officer, she stressed on getting different societies to talk to one another. Here she explains the importance of networking in universities.

Eleanor is a final year student at the BA photography course at Camberwell College of Arts.  Here she talks about her course and the genre of photography she’s interested in.

Here is the full interview: [8:31]

On a different note, I made a SoundCloud for this project, where I will also be uploading my other projects. Drop a follow if you’re interested!

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